Why Am I Not Being Appreciated?

I am a student that receives perfect grades, all A's and has no behaviour problems at school. I am almost Eagle Scout and that is very good for my age. Also, I was on my school team last year for soccer and the year before that. Plus, the biggest point, I made it into one of the best schools in the country (high schools) and everyone doubted me, but I made it in, and yet my parents still show little appreciation. A little background information, the school is ranked 16th in the country. My friends all said that if they made it in, their parents promised to buy them an iPhone and stuff like that, but my parents still seem angry. I have a sister that is a year older than me that did not make it into the school last year, and gets C's and B's in Honors classes in just regular high school right now. She does not excel in any extracurricular activities and her only social life is youth group (I also go to youth group, but at a different church). My weight is not a problem, I am 5' 6'' and 100 lbs, but my sister is pretty heavy at 5' 2" and 140 lbs. In my head, it doesn't make sense. Why does she get the same amount of appreciation if not more, when I have worked my butt of trying to impress my parents and set myself to make it into a good college? How do I get my parents to show some appreciation to me and maybe convince them to get me something like an iPhone. We are not that bad off in money (I'm pretty sure because my parents drive a BMW and a Tahoe), so that is probably not a reason they are not appreciating me in gifts or kind comments or acts. Please answer this question because I do not understand why they wouldn't be ecstatic and proud because of their son.

Added (1). Haha well, I'm white.

Some parents have trouble showing their appreciation. Also, your parents might think that if you think that they think that you could do better somehow, then they will try not to show how proud they are and if they do they think you will be happy and start slacking off because you have already exceeded their expectations like you wanted to and will stop caring. Either that or you're Asian.