Why can't I open my snaps on Snapchat?

I just got the update, and now whenever I get a snapchat and it says "press and hold to view" or "tap to load" and I hold down my finger on it or tap it nothing happens! I can send them, but it won't let me open any. I'm very frustrated. Oh, I have an iPhone 4. How can I fix this? Please help!

Same thing has happened to me. I got the update but now it wont let me open my snapchats, both pics and vids.

I also have the iphone 4 but i have yet to update it to the new software as i dont have enough memory space (i have too many songs downloaded).So i wonder if that may be the problem if thats also the case with you.

Same thing is happening to me! I updated it earlier and it's not letting me view it!

It's a bug that will be fixed shortly!

How long is "shortly"?

Me too it sucks, hopefully it will b fixed soon

Same here! I really wanna open them grrr hurry!

SAME GAHH! & idk why but my friends works but not mine. --- its so annoying i have like 10 snapchats i cant open: P THEY BETTER FIX IT SOON

This is pissing me off, They need to fix it ASAP

Mine is doing this toooo. It's so annoying:(

Mine either! Ive emailed them asking, but all I get are responses with how to change your password? Which doesn't help

Same thing with me this is so annoying

if they don't fix it soon I'm literally gonna pass out

lol hasn't been fixed since 15.12.2012

Can't nothing be done?

People loose snapchat and everyone goes crazy. Ridiculas!

Same omfg my friend now thinks I'm ignoring her but I can't read them or anything like kill me btw I'm on my iPad mini the update is the problem I think

If this isn't fixed soon I'm going to fu*king die

I just updated my iPad and it now works happy days

My snapchat won't let me open anything. How can I fix this?

Oh my fucking god… Its literally almost 2016 and its still not fixed! I'm mad. I'm really mad. This was supposed to be fixed years ago!1

Ha, its almost 2017, and my 4s just started doing this. Fml

Ha, its almost 2017, and my 4s just started doing this. Fml

Ha, its almost 2017, and my 4s just started doing this. Fml

Yeah same, I have a 4s and can't open any video snaps or view buzzfeed or anything like that