Why can't I open my snaps on Snapchat?

I just got the update, and now whenever I get a snapchat and it says "press and hold to view" or "tap to load" and I hold down my finger on it or tap it nothing happens! I can send them, but it won't let me open any. I'm very frustrated. Oh, I have an iPhone 4. How can I fix this? Please help!

Same thing has happened to me. I got the update but now it wont let me open my snapchats, both pics and vids.

I also have the iphone 4 but i have yet to update it to the new software as i dont have enough memory space (i have too many songs downloaded).So i wonder if that may be the problem if thats also the case with you.

Same thing is happening to me! I updated it earlier and it's not letting me view it!

It's a bug that will be fixed shortly!

How long is "shortly"?

Me too it sucks, hopefully it will b fixed soon

Same here! I really wanna open them grrr hurry!

SAME GAHH! & idk why but my friends works but not mine. --- its so annoying i have like 10 snapchats i cant open: P THEY BETTER FIX IT SOON

This is pissing me off, They need to fix it ASAP

Mine is doing this toooo. It's so annoying:(

Mine either! Ive emailed them asking, but all I get are responses with how to change your password? Which doesn't help

Same thing with me this is so annoying