Why cant my iphone 4s hear me?

Okay this just happened today but when people call me they cant hear me, i can hear them perfectly but they cant hear me at all. So i tried it on Siri but it seems that Siri cant hear me either, so i went to my voice memo app thing to try to record my voice to see if it can hear me but it doesnt. Is my iphone broken or did i click on something?

Dear GURL,
This is due to the fact that my Fried Chicken Bucket from da KFC is currently shuttin down all da iphone4s speaker system, so gurl please, just hold up and lemme finish my chicken,

emmm k? Thank you Boo!

Your microphone in the iPhone seems to be broken, or it could be a faulty case. Try removing the case, to see if it works. If not, it seems like the microphone is broke, try replacing the phone.