Why do I look ugly in my camera, but not in the mirror?

Whenever I look into my iPhone camera I look extremely pale, my zits look extremely red, and my eyes just appear "brown" but when I look into the mirror I look a little tan, and my zits look very small and not that big of a deal, and my eyes appear more greenish and hazel. And no there is no lighting of the room when I'm looking into the mirror it's just natural light. Is it just the camera that makes me look ugly? Or is my mirror wrong and my Cameras right? :/

Get a life

It could be the camera settings. Cameras tend to have this issue of over contrast, meaning the colors in the picture are not correct. Where you say your iPhone camera is making your zit's look really red, no detail to your eye color and your skin is washed out, is due to the camera not having the correct amount of light exposure.

We view ourselves three times more attractive than we really are, BUT, if you work on you facial muscles you can look a million times better in the camera. You have to learn how to work the camera, and angles as well.

Your main question could be the straight line to several gag lines but I'll leave that for others.

Do you look the same in different light in the pictures? Can you adjust the light settings on the camera?

Its not the cameras fault. You're just ugly.