Why does my iPhone 4s says 3G?

So I bought my iPhone 4s in December 24th, an it says 3G and I just recently purchased a iPhone 4s for my uncle two weeks ago and his says 4G? We both have AT&T

Call up the network carrier & ask

Very rare Iphone glitch.

You can only get 4g in certain spots or areas although the iphone 5 it will always be 4g

Maybe 4G isnt available in your area. Ask your carrier for more help if needed.

I din't think the iPhone 4s has 4G connection despite the fact the name can be misleading, my I phone 4 has 3G as well, are you sure it says 4G?

Its just a ploy done by at&t and apple that his says 4g. Its because the iPhone 4s is capable to handle speeds that are almost 4g.