Why does my iphone 5 drain so fast?

I do everything to help battery life and even turn on airplane mode, but in the morning it's 100% then I don't use it at all 1hout later boom 50 percent.

Iphone 5s r bad

Turn off bluetooth, don't enable fetch data, put low brightness

My iphone 5 tends to last about 2 days being about 5 months old.

Some tricks to making the battery last is only charging it when it's very low and charging to 100% every time. Frequent partial charging puts a lot of wear on the battery. Also make sure to exit applications when you're done with them by pressing the home button twice then holding your finger on one of the apps in the little menu that shows up until you see a red x in the corner, and then pressing the x on all of them to close them.

Updating the system software if you haven't already might help too.

Something isn't right if yours is dropping that fast.