Why does my Messages app on my iPhone take up so much space?

I have an iPhone 5 on iOS 7. I've deleted all except 3 of my messages, yet it is taking up 1.3 GB of my phone's space. Why is it taking up so much space and how do I fix it?

Delete the other 3 of your messages.

The messages probably contain photos or videos, which can make them very large. Ordinary text messages hardly take up any space at all.

Did you fix this? I've deleted al of my messages, and the app still takes up 1.3 GB of space.

It's not just that the app takes up so much space, but the "usage" utility says it's the messages themselves taking up space (in my case, 950MB for 5 small basic txt messages with zero pictures). Makes no sense for the messages app to take up that much space for just 5 messages. Something's not right.

Me too. Same problem. All messages are deleted and stil says 1.3g

I have same problem… Anyone find a solution?

I had the same issue. Messages was taking up 2.2G. I deleted everything and it was the same 2.2G in storage. After deleting the messages turn your phone off and on again to "reset" it. It worked for me. Now Messages is 11MB.

I'm having the same problem. Only mine says 3.0 GB and won't let me open the message app any more. I've tried the home/power button together and still no change…