Why does my singing sound so awful recorded?

I've had family, friends, and even teachers tell me I have a good voice. But whenever I record myself on my iPhone, camera, or laptop, I sound horrible.completely different from how I hear myself. Why does this happen? I want to make covers on YouTube, but I can't if every recording device makes me sound horrible.we're way too poor for professional recording equipment, so that suggestion won't help. I'm joining the chorus program at school, but I also can't afford singing lessons. /:

It's the carpenter; not his tools.

I have the same problem:/ I sing and i think i sound good:) but then i record myself and ugghh! Its like all hell breaks loose! I sound terrible! I guess it is just bad equipment…

In a lot of cases i have the same problem because the way you sound when you are actually singing is not how you sound to everyone else also whenever you hear yourself you find hat you sound weird just record it and ask some friends for their honest opinion if it is that bad they will tell you because they will not want you to embarrass yourself

What you should do is sing through a song record it listen to it see what it sounds like then think how you can improve it for example you may need to be higher pitched another thing you can do is sing into a microphone because then you can hear what you really sound like and when you can hear what you sound like you can change it to how you like it.

I have the same problem! Everyone tells me Im good and I think I am but then I try to make a video or someting and well it sounds bad, I dont know why but Ima be check back here for answers too if thats ok ;) haha I just would also really like an answer!

Uhm. Because you aren't actually good. Many people have a distorted feel of how well they sing because while singing, you can be so in the moment that you don't notice how you actually sound. Recording devices can show these flaws.

Because you don't sound good… Or, at least you don't think you do. Take a good listen and see if you think you sound bad, or just not how you expected. Chances are if others think you have a good voice, you're just perceiving your voice as bad because it's not what you expected.