Why doesn't my Facebook status say via iPhone?

I have an iPhone 5. I have the Facebook app installed and I use it. I have already put in my details in the Settings. My status always says "via Mobile". How do I get it to say " via iPhone" or "via iPhone 5"? It doesn't matter which one. Thanks.

Does it really matter?

Id like to know the same thing about my samsung galaxy. Why doesnt it say from my galaxy s2 or something. It only seems to do it for blackberys.ah wwell why did you waste ur money on that apple you should have got a galaxy.

'cos it's via iOS now.

Register through your phone.

Ideally it shouldn't be doing that; since you already have the App installed and use it. However, does it really matter anyway? I'm guessing the only reason you want it to say ''Via iPhone'' is for your ego. So people well think something along the lines of cool dude has an iPhone'

You have to go through siri for it to say it i just tested it