Why has my iPhone 4S lost the volume controls?

Volume controls are missing everywhere wher they should be. This ha happened before and apple gave me a new phone. This is my third iPhone 4S since the day they came out. Is this a common fault? How do I fix it cos the warranty is ran out now?

Try factory restore. My iPhone 4S never did that.

Mine did that too. It seems quite a commn fault (google it)

Your phone thinks its sitting on a dock. Blow up its charger hole really hard, then connect and disconnect the charger a dozen or so times. Jiggle it a bit each time you do it but not aggressively.

I repeated the about 10 times over a couple of days and it eventually worked.

Good luck.

I used the hair dryer (set to hot )and blow the charger opening for a few seconds, that brings the volume back!