Why isn't my 3G working on my iPhone 4S?

My iPhone 4s is fully updated. I turned 3G off and on. Still doesn't show/work. There's also a red dot above my phone app.
Can anyone help?

Because the phone you are asking about is made by apple and apple is a pile of ***

I am assuming you are in an area of 3G coverage. Just a thought, have you made sure Cellular Data is enabled?

The Red blip above your phone is app indicates you have a voicemail, where as for your 3G issue, try resetting you network settings Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Network Settings.
but after doing this you will have to re-connect back to you WiFi and what not. If this doesn't work a restore should do it, if not contact your carrier and ask about the coverage in your area and they'll give you a hand.
Hope this helps.