Why isn't my iphone 5 charging? - 2

So it's not Recognizing it's charging. This happened before so I got a new charger and it started working for about three days and now it's not Recognize that it's charging. When it's turned off it shows the little power symbol that it is charging but when I turn it back on it just goes to 2% battery and does not recognize that it's charging. What do I do I try plugging it into my computer and I use the wall socket it's not working I really hope it's not my phone can somebody help please

Check if there is lint or something in the charger slot on your phone.

It's because you didn't buy a Samsung Galaxy S4.

I would recommend that you take the charger out of your phone and press the power and home button at the same time the once it turns on plug in your charger if that doesn't work try to call you company and check up on: )