Why won't my iPhone 4S turn off? - 1

When a slide the power bar it shuts off but a second later the apple symbol shows up and the phone restarts asking me to enter my password. In like to turn it off to save power since it runs down extreamly fast.

I dont ever even turn my iphone off ever. At night I just let it go dormant (screen goes dark etc) but it stays on and I don't lose any battery power, you don't have to shut it off.

Turn off things you don't use and that should help, these are some things I did:

Are you running apps? What about the background light? I also have the iPhone 4S and I have no problems with my phone. I have my light down to half, shut off all unused apps or throw out. Have you tried to power down, wait then restart? Did you call your carrier? ATT works great for me at things like this. Did you get the upgrade for iOS 6.1? Go to setting, general, software update and see if you need to do this or not. Hope this works.