Why won't my iPhone 5s connect to iTunes on my computer?

It only says Apple iPhone on the computer and doesn't show any options to sync on iTunes even with the new update and it says trust computer and when I put trust this computer it disconnects my phone but leaves it visible in my computer

I Think this will help you:

Have you found a fix? The above link is no longer valid

I had this problem and it drove me crazy until I called at&t tech support. Brand new phone wouldn't connect to iTunes or even recognize it. I did the delete iTunes and other programs that go with it and redownloaded iTunes and didn't fix it. Tech support had me to delete iTunes and other programs in a particular order in order for it to be completely deleted and before I could download iTunes again. Tech said it was in her training that each program had to be deleted in exactly the correct order or it wouldn't fix it. I don't remember the order exactly as she told me but I did it her way and downloaded iTunes again and it completely worked. I was like wtf why would that make a difference but it 100% did fix my problem and all music and pics are now on my new iphone 5s. Call tech support for the exact order to delete if you also have that problem