Why won't my ouija board work?

I've tried everything. I downloaded an app on my iPhone, I used my computer to play the online one, I made one out of paper. Now I think I should buy one but everyone says you don't have to. And I don't wanna waste my money if it doesn't work, what am I doing wrong? I 100% believe it will work and I believe in just about everything. I start out by asking if anyone's there and nothing moves. Help? And don't tell me not to play. I don't care about your experiences, I've heard them all before. I'm still playing. Thanks.

Do you still believe in the Easter Bunny… Do you still believe in Santa Clause?

why not… These are stories we tell little kids… But eventually they figure out it's FAKE!

now this issue with a ouija board… THEY SELL THIS CRAP FROM A TOY STORE!

What mark said

Ouija Boards were originally made in the early 20th century as a toy for children, and it was never meant to talk to the dead. Even amoung superstitious people, it is considered fake- it only gained popularity through high schools and tv shows.
I'd try summoning a demon instead, its much more fun and you only need to buy a piece of chalk