Why wont my Iphone stay connected to wifi?

I own and iPhone 4s and just recently updated it to the iOS 6. When I go Wi-Fi settings I press my Wi-Fi of choice, and it connects to it; for like two seconds, and then it defaults back to my 4G. I know my router is completely fine because I have reset that, and my laptop is running off of it now completely fine. I have already tried the "forget network" method. And the Settings-> General-> Reset->Reset Network Settings method. Neither of which worked.

Does it have anything to do with my update?


Yes it appears to be a bug you are not the only one. Kind of irks me too.

Plugging it back into the computer (mac) that updated the phone and letting it sync worked for me. It connected to wifi fine when I connected it via cable… Odd.

Turn you wifi off and back on will fix your problem had the same issue hope this helps

I've tried resetting the network on my 4s, I've tried turning wifi off then back on, I've tried restarting my phone, I've tried plugging it in to my computer, and it sometimes connects to my home wifi for like 5 sec then it disconnects and reconnects over and over! It never stays on long enough for me to use it! When I first got my phone it worked pretty good but now it sucks! I don't know what's up… It's really annoying though!

Oh and my wifi gets stuck on off also! It's grayed out so I can't turn it on and off! That's super annoying too!

My wifi isn't working, period. I turn on the wifi and it searches, and searches, and searches, and searches and fails to find it and if it does it's for a faction of a second

I am having exactly the same issues. IPhone 4s will not stay connected to wi-fi, sometimes on/off switch is grayed, most often it just searches and searches without ever finding wi-fi. I spent 2 hours with Apple support yesterday and all I ended up doing was restoring the phone, then updating my iOS (which I didn't want to do) and the problem is not better at all! Angry!

Make sure your http proxy is set to off on your phone.