Will Boost Mobile ever get the iPhone?

If so when? I heard early September but that wa obviously a lie.

They already do but you have to buy an unlocked version from apple. They don't have iPhones in the boost store.

Who ever told you that probably told meant they were going to support the iPhone.

Virgin mobile already sells them.
i've never seen boost iphones because im on boost.
Im switching to virgin to get an iphone.

If it's unlocked it should work. But you should really check out the new Unlimited everything (including hotspot) plan that just came out. Runs off T-Mobile and at&t's 4G network for $49/mo and ends up bein free or making you money every month instead. It just launched in September and is taking the money that would other wise be wasted on the same old repetitive advertising and giving it to the people for sharing with others. $20 for every 3 people you enroll every month for as long as they have the service+another $20 for every 3 people they add as well… It adds up let me tell ya. Also coming to Europe next year!

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