Will iOS 7 be available on the iPhone 3GS?

I have an iPhone 3GS (I know it's sad), and I know iOS 7 is set to be released sometime next week so I was thinking since iOS 6 was released on the 3GS, do you think iOS 7 will be available also?

No it will only be available to iPhone 4/4s and 5 sorry

IOS 7 is not being released next week. Its being announced. The release would come sometime in September closer to the time of the next iPhone.

No I do not expect iOS 7 to be on the iPhone 3GS. Assuming 6.1.3 is the last iOS 6 update I expect that to be the last one, meaning the 3GS would join the 2G & 3G of no longer updated iPhones.

No, Apple's new OS will only support iPhone 4S (or maybe iPhone 4, depending on when they unveil the iPhone 5S). Sorry, but you will have to upgrade in order to get it. I am pretty sure the iPhone 4 is free with a 2 year contract if you are available to upgrade:)
Hope I helped!