Will ios7 work with iPhone 4?

I just got the iPhone 4 because it was free with sprint and I was wondering if the new iPhone coming out I think it's iOS 7 but will it work with iPhone 4 or will my phone be old by then xD

Iphone 4 wont be too old as many will still be using it several years from now, but iOS 7 may require specific hardware, so thats possible its 4S and later.

Ios 7 may require hardware specification, so we cannot tell if it will still be compatible with ios 7 until the release.

IOS 7 is not a phone. Its the 7th major release of the software that the iPhone uses & yes the iPhone 4 is oldest supported model that will be able to update to it.

@Markus & Adam: Its been known since iOS 7's announcement in mid-June that the iPhone 4 is getting it.

If you want to install iOS 7, you need to register your device's UDID with a developer account through a site like http://www.udid.in/.It's $5, and they literally registered my 4S instantly.

It will get it, the only difference between the update for the 4, 4S and 5 phones is the software downloaded will only be for what each device can do. (Eg Siri updates, if any wont be downloaded to the 4 while they will for the 4S and 5 devices).