Will putting my iPhone in the microwave charge it?

I know this sounds stupid, but I heard that it does. Has anyone tried this? If so, does it work? :P

No your phone will break

It will probably start a fire.don't do it

No, it does not.

No. It will get the microwave on fire. Then the house will be on fire.
It a bad idea

In-depth research has shown that, should this procedure be undertaken, many users experience disappointing results. Some have experienced reduced functionality of the product, whilst others have had to call the fire department as their whole house is on fire.
My advice is to use the charger that came with the product, unless you want an open-plan, burnt-out shell of a house to live in.

No and your phone will be destroyed. I put mine in the freezor once it charged a little but it was completly frozen. My best advice to you is buy another battery and a new charger.

Only one way to find out, record it for YouTube purposes tho

I literally did this bc a fact page said it, please don't judge me. I thought the waves would charge it but it did not it fryed and my phone is now broke I now have the intensity.last time I trust the internet

i just did it and it does NOT work!