Will US cellular get the iPhone when sprint takes over?

I heard sprint is taking over but I don't really know what that means. Could someone please explain and tell me if they'll get iPhone because I know sprint has the iPhone. Thanks!

I'm not sure what will happen to US Cellular's plans and packages but I'm pretty sure it will become a mix of Sprint and US Cell. Since Sprint will be the owning company, they will more than likely have iPhones then.(:

Doubt it
Sprint is buying up subscribers

No and yes, They are "NO" going to merger, After getting cash from Soft bank Sprint only purchased their Midwest towers, spectrum and costumers from US Cellular they will move out of Chicago, still be a separate company but they will concentrate in other areas where they are strong no more in Chicago, and YES, if you are a current US Cellular costumer in the Midwest area (Chicago, Indiana, Wisconsin, etc) you will get switched automatically to the Sprint network, so if you are thinking about getting an iPhone, just wait or switch over to Sprint. Sprint's new LTE is really fast and they are using new Towers for the now network and even in basements of building I get LTE at a least 6 megs per second in my iPhone 5 and Unlimited data!