Am I Poor, Lower Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, Or Rich?

I don't want to brag, but I really want to know! I'm in the 8th Grade in A girls Prep school. Some of my friends always come to my house, and they usually just gawk at it saying "You my friend, are rich!" I'm like "I am?" And they just look at me like i'm crazy! I have:
*A 3 story house (Single)
*I live in Beacon Hill, Boston
*5 master bedrooms
*4 grand bathrooms and 1 big bathroom (Full) in each bedroom
*2 kitchens, both american-styled
*3 living rooms, 1 in each floor
*6 Plasma Screen Tvs (Stuck on wall)
*A Female maltese dog (Pure-bred, sorry I had to say that, because it would only be a normal dog if I said 'Maltese')
*A parrot (Like those HUMONGOUS birds)
*A walk-in closet with a grand mirror in my room
*A small, mini pool in the back with heating adjustments.
*A small, cheap 600$ Jaccuzi (like those cheap ones that are still good)
*We have a big garden in the front and back, we also have our own gardener that comes every week and mows the lawn
*I have an ipod touch 4
*My parents recently bought me the all-new iphone 5 (Blue!)
*I have an MacBook Pro
*I buy All my clothes in abercombie and fitch, american eagle, aeropostle, Hollister. Macy's, Juicy, Love Couture, and banana boat.
*I love wearing skinny jeans, skirts, and daisy-dukes!
*I buy clothes for my maltese, Precious, and buy her christmas, casual, halloween, etc.clothes for dogs!
*I have HD Tv with on-demand, and every single channel from 1-999
*My dad works for the government, and gets 90$ an hour. He's half-dominican but is actually naturally white in skin color. He has brown hair and green eyes. He dresses in brand alot.
*My mom is a house-wife who cooks and goes to the mall everyday, She's white and has blonde hair, blue eyes- the common bostonian. She has a boston accent. She dresses professionel, even when she's at the house. Heels, makeup, all that stuff.
*We have 3 cars, a mercedes that is from 2009, a porcshe (didn't spell right) 2011, and actually a ferrari, which is from 2012. They're actually talking about buying a new car.

So am I rich, Upper middle class, lower middle class, or poor?

It depends on how much money you guy's make & if you have debt

You are a spoiled brat lol

but all jokes aside, you are very poor, you don't make any money. But your parents are rich

I bet you wrote all that stuff to brag, you might be "rich", but your personality is most likely "poor"…
You should not be to materialistic in life, and your friends probably only like you because of your "bling". Hate to break it to you

Ignore people being rude about this. Obviously your dad works for the money he makes your family, I'd like to think your family also helps out the community in some ways (i.e; donating to charity, giving old things to the less fortunate, etc.) Anyways, you guys appear very rich, however if everything you buy is on credit cards, your simply upper middle class. I doubt that though, as your dad makes a lot of money. Youre rich, to put it simply. Sure there are others out there making far more money, but compared to the average (and your friends), youre rich.