Can an iPhone 4s sim card work in any other phone?

My iPhone 4s isn't in great condition and I tried to take out the sim card and put it in my friends droid which runs on 4g and it wasn't recognized at all. We both have verizon btw. So did the sim card not work because iphones only have 3g or can I not just switch the sim card to a different phone? Is there a way to switch my sim card to another phone?

First of all, how could you possibly put a SIM card into a Verizon Driod? Verizon phones don't use SIM cards. They use totally incompatible networks.

And the only way you would have a SIM card in a Verizon 4S would be of you were using the phone on a non-US network, since the SIM module in the 4S does not work on US networks.

Verizon is a CDMA network. They don't use SIM cards. You are very confused about something.