Can I Get Pictures Off My Broken Iphone?

About a couple months ago I dropped my IPhone in water and put it in rice but it didn't help so I just gave up but I really want the pictures off of it. When I plug it in the apple sign pops up like its charging but does nothing else… So am I able to bring it to the apple store to get it fixed of is there any thing I can do to get my pictures off of it?

Try plugging it in to you're computer and seeing if it syncs with iTunes automatically and if that works you will be able to back up all your info through iTunes, but if that doesn't work take it to the apple store and they should be able to save your info for free.

What if you have a passcode and can't enter it into the phone. That is the issue I have. Phone powers up, screen is dead, it will connect with iTunes, but the passcode is preventing it from syncing. Any advice?