Can I use my verizon iPhone with straight talk?

Can I jailbreak my iPhone 4s from Verizon and put a straighttalk sim card in it? Will it work?

It won't. Verizon is a CDMA carrier which means they don't use SIM cards at all. Verizon iPhones also access different towers than Straight Talk (AT&T) does.

Dont do StraightTalk, their service SUCKS! You wont get any signal and calls will drop. Customer service treats you like crap.

I don't know what is the model of your Iphone, however I am supposing that you have Iphone 4s, you may download envasion 1.3 at your phone from the following URL and read the complete tutorial to know how to jailbreak it.

If you have some other model of iphone for example iphone 4 or iphone 3gs or iphone 5, then you need to find the information on that site and use the proper tool given there to jailbreak your Iphone.go here.