Can you charge your iphone by using a watermelon?

I seen a vine on facebook that you take a watermelon and but it in ice-salt water and put the wall adaptor in the watermelon and then it charges. Does it actually work!

Im not sure about a watermelon, but i know that a potato carries electricity enough to make a light bulb turn on.

May I ask you what your IQ is?

Watch the vine again, go full screen and look at the two separate wires -.-

Maybe, but I doubt it… It's most likely faked to get popular, and I wouldn't risk ruining my charger. Besides, it probably would produce a very small amount of energy if it did- might as well just use a wall socket or computer.

No, that's absolute none sense!

HAHA I JUST SEEN THAT! I'm literally An idiot who wants to try it.

Nope sorry. Don't waste your lovely melons on that.

Yes you could. But the video you watched is fake. It would take a lot of watermelons to charge an iphone. It takes over 2300 orange slices to charger an iphone.

Hey Laura, there's many ways to charge your phone. Try if you wanna find a bunch of different ways.

PS Watermelon isn't one of them

Kevin is an outright liar about the microwave. He is one of many who are intent on deliberately causing misery through misinformation. The mere fact that he would try to get someone to try something stupid and dangerous is justification for everyone to report him for illegal activity as I have done.

To make the charger actually work with something like a watermelon in salt water you would need to have a very porous watermelon to soak up the salt and it would have to be grown next to say a copper mine. Watermelons are mostly organic so beta-cellulose for the hard crunchy parts fructose for the sweet inside and of course water. There isn't much for ion electron transfer in that mixture to create power. Also the cold wouldn't help, refer to an equation to determine voltage Ecell= (RTlnK)/nF you would want a higher temperature to get a higher voltage.

Lol i seen that vine too and I tried it and it actually worked, but when my sister tried it didnt charge her phone.idk why tho.

Look at the wire it's cut off and they used a different connection

Put it in full screen and where the wire loops you should see that the wire coming from the phones goes down and the plug from the watermelon goes in the other direction. Disappointment much:(

Please let this be a troll.

No salt water does conduct electricity but it doesn't create it theirs no power source

banana charges a phne

I am going to test this on Friday! Hopefully it will work.

so if I do it will it work?

it works check youtube comedy shortsgamer

how does it funtion

how does it funtion

how does it funtion