Can you use instagram/snapchat on your computer?

My Ipod touch recently broke, and I don't have a way to get an Instagram or Snapchat. I don't have a cell like an Iphone or an Android. In fact, I don't have a cellphone at all! :( So I was wondering if you can use Instagram (or Snapchat ) On your computer, like upload photos. And how to do it! If not, is there anyone, or any place, I can get a VERY cheap phone? :/ :)

You cannot snapchat from a computer, you can however log into your instagram. Whether or not you can post photos I'm not sure of.

Why didn't you just google Instagram and snapchat, but anyway, Instagram has a pc version, but I don't think snapchat does.

You can go on instagram on the computer, but not snapchat.

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