Facebook app on iPhone 5 freezes when opening a picture?

Everytime I click a picture someone posts or shares on Facebook, it just freezes up, (just the app), and its sometimes 25-45 seconds before I can see the picture full screen, zoom etc. Even when it finally pops up, it usually freezes multiple times when I try to zoom in or out. Nothing else causes that, only on the pictures. I can go back to the home screen and dropped menus when the app is frozen.

I've already tried uninstalling it.

It sometimes can be your connection. If not try turning off and on your phone or you can close the app down completely and load it back up again

Hate to break it to you but it happens to everyone. IPhone 4S here with the same problem. Everyone has to deal with it.

It did the same thing for me, this worked for me.
First, log out.
Second, delete the app.
Third, go reinstall it.
Finally, go login.
This worked for me, I hope it does for you.