How long do I need to leave my Iphone in rice after it got wet?

So I dropped my Iphone in the toilet. It was only in there for about 8 secs. I told my friend and she tried turning it on and it showed the apple thing and then it shut off and wouldn't turn on. We were gone so I couldn't get home and put it in rice. I put it front of a fan till we got home, then we tried plugging it in and nothing happened. I didn't get it in rice till 4 hours after it got wet. Did I forever ruin my phone? Its been in the rice for 21 hours now. Will leaving it in rice work?

Sometimes it does work for me it worked,
This might sound stupid but it worked for me, i put my iphone in multiple socks till it was covered in a ball of socks nd threw it in the dryer for a bit then took it out nd let it cool off then repeated it, it actually worked, just didnt let the phone turn burning hot either

I did the same thing but dropped mine in the bathtub --- I know it's been a while since it's been wet, but still this process worked for me!

Get a vacuum and use the suction tube to suck out any water that possibly is still in your phone. Put it up to the headphone spot, charging spot and all buttons. Leave the vacuum sucking for 3 minutes at each spot of your phone. Then put it back in rice.

Don't try to turn it on again for a while that could fry the hardware and your phone will be ruined forever.

Goodluck! It worked for me so I hope it works for you!

Yea you should for put in rice right away did you dry it after… Yea in rice it work I dropped my phone yesterday in the toilet to I took it out right
away and it turn on then off left it in rice for 15hours now it works try to turn it on

I washed my Iphone by mistake in the washer machine full cycle it has been in rice for five days nothing yet

My iPhone dropped in the toilet and I don't know how many seconds but I put in a rice bowl and I don't know what's going to happen next.

:( just dropped mine in the toilet forgot to take it out my back pocket. And rushed ripping open a bag of rice and so far… Im looking up how long to leave it in… Wish me luck…

What about a windows 8 phone, will the rice work?