How long do I need to leave my Iphone in rice after it got wet?

So I dropped my Iphone in the toilet. It was only in there for about 8 secs. I told my friend and she tried turning it on and it showed the apple thing and then it shut off and wouldn't turn on. We were gone so I couldn't get home and put it in rice. I put it front of a fan till we got home, then we tried plugging it in and nothing happened. I didn't get it in rice till 4 hours after it got wet. Did I forever ruin my phone? Its been in the rice for 21 hours now. Will leaving it in rice work?

Sometimes it does work for me it worked,
This might sound stupid but it worked for me, i put my iphone in multiple socks till it was covered in a ball of socks nd threw it in the dryer for a bit then took it out nd let it cool off then repeated it, it actually worked, just didnt let the phone turn burning hot either

Yea you should for put in rice right away did you dry it after… Yea in rice it work I dropped my phone yesterday in the toilet to I took it out right
away and it turn on then off left it in rice for 15hours now it works try to turn it on

I washed my Iphone by mistake in the washer machine full cycle it has been in rice for five days nothing yet

My iPhone dropped in the toilet and I don't know how many seconds but I put in a rice bowl and I don't know what's going to happen next.

:( just dropped mine in the toilet forgot to take it out my back pocket. And rushed ripping open a bag of rice and so far… Im looking up how long to leave it in… Wish me luck…

What about a windows 8 phone, will the rice work?

Last night I got in my pool with my phone. I dried it off with a towel and blew in the charger and headphone plugin and put it in rice. How long should my phone stay in rice?

My Iphone fell out my back in to the toilet but only for about 10 seconds, I now have it in rice and hoping for the best!

i dropped my galaxy 3 in the toilet got it out, took it home placed in rice, it been in rice now 5days, it will not turn completely on but i have a blue flashing light, what shall i do? Keep in rice a little longer?

Im at work and my Ipone6 slipped out of my coat pocket into the toilet (before I did my business-lol) it didn't power off for like an hour after and wouldn't power back on. Then on my way home it kept powering on and off, like 6 or 7 times. Now its in rice and I have the same? As a lot of others… How long to leave it in rice b4 trying to power on again?

I was at a swim meet and some water got in it… It kind of works but the screen is pink so im trying to find out hoe long to leave it in rice

My iPhone was halfway dropped in milk for maybe 3 hours before I noticed I've had it in rice for about 24 hours now what do I do

I dropped my phone in the toilet I got it out in like 15 sec I rushed to put it in a bowl of rice I waited an hour til I turned it on the apple sign turned on but it was all messed up and it randomly turned off I put it back in the bowl (not sure if it still going to work) and waited 1 more hour then I connected with my charger while in the rice lines appeard for like a 1 min. 20 minutes passed by and I got a blow dryer and tred drying it and put it back in the bowl, Now I wait and hope for the best.

I went to put music on and my phone fell in the tolit… I rushed for rice now i wait

My phone feel in the toilet and its been in rice all day so far tomorrow around 6 I'm gonna check in again, hoping for the best.