How long should I keep my iPhone in rice after being dropped in the toilet?

I know it sounds stupid but i tripped and my phone when flying into the toilet. It is in an otter box defender case at the time so not much water got in, only got the outside of the camera, the speaker and 2 mics. It was in there for 3-5 seconds before i pulled it out. I quickly got a bowl of rice and it has been sitting in it for about an hour now. I need my phone ASAP when can i pull it out of the rice? I know as long as possible but will 15 hours be enough? Also should i put it on a coil radiator when i go to sleep tonight?


Added (1). I also powered it off 5 minutes later

First switch off your phone and don't on upto 24 hours (Minimum).


Ironically, we just posted an infographic article covering this topic a couple of days ago!

Check out the link below for your answer!

Good Luck!

I would leave it a few days for sure.