How long should i let my iphone sit in rice?

I dropped my iphone in the toilet for about 4 seconds, turned it on, it didnt work. So i held down the home button and the power button for a long time and the apple just stayed on there a flickered a bit, and an hour after sitting in rice it didnt turn on at all (I know i was stupid for turning it on, but at the time i was at my friends house and my parents needed to call me)

I didnt take the battery out either ( i didnt have the right tools.) So its been in rice all evening now.

That happened to my iPod! I put it in the rice over night and then let it sit while I was at school too. So at least a day. It will work fine after that.

Just leave the phone untouched until tomorrow and use your friend's phone in the meanwhile.

If it still doesn't turn on, I suggest talking to an Apple Representative either on a support chat on the Apple. Inc website, scheduling a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple store, or dialing an Apple Store's phone number to connect to a representative.

The longer the better, but typically most of/all of the moisture is gone after 24 hours.

Good luck!

As Long as you can live without it! Try to go for a week, because even the slightest drop of water can cause corrosion or a short circuit.