How many hours is 1 gigabyte on an iPhone?

I just got my iPhone yesterday and since it's the middle of the month for my monthly pay (end of the month is the 14th) and I want to know how long I can use the Internet with only one gigabyte.

It depends what you do on the internet. Watching netflix and/or downing apps or backing up will consume 1gb easily. Listening to pandora might yeild you about 10-30 hours. Do renember using wifi doesnt count to data plans

Time is not relative to this because different things accessed over the internet are different sizes. Just viewing web pages would probably last you a couple of days, but watching YouTube or Netflix would run you down within hours. You need to check the system's log of your data usage and learn how much access you use up when surfing the net or playing online media or games.

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If I only use my 1 gb on navigation how many hours that it last?