How to clean iPhone to put in LifeProof case?

Every time I put my iPhone into the LifeProof case there are dust particles and oil spots. I clean it with the cloth that was provided and have even used some cleaning spray for glasses to try and clean the screen, but no matter how many times I try it is never clean. How do I put it in cleanly? Can I take it to the store and have them put it on for me?

You can probably take it to the store (At&t is best and probably won't charge, best buy is 2nd best, as they will likely charge you) but try this first:

go to your bathroom, turn on the shower really hot and close the door for about 5 mins or until it gets really steamy (if you don't want to waste water then do this after a shower)

bring your phone in and the cleaning cloth and wipe off the phone
put the case on the phone while still in the bathroom

the logic behind this technique is that the water in the air traps the dust particles, so they don't stick to your phone (why this also works for applying screen protectors and also why steam rooms can clear your lungs)

IF THAT DIDN'T WORK: try dusting a little blush or baby powder onto the inside of the screen protector, another cool trick.

Let me know if this helps!