How to delete apps on the iPhone 4s?

How do i delete apps from my iphone 4s. I have 10gb of games that i find boring now but i can't delete them, i've tried holding down the app till it shakes but no red cross appears, no delete prompt in Usage to delete the app either.

Added (1). NO red cross appears.

Try deleteing them via itunes, simply connect your iphone via usb cable and open itunes, then delete the apps:)

Settings, general, and to usage and delete from there

Press on the app icon til all the icons start shaking
there will be an X in the corner of the app icon press the X

Its not a red cross its a white X

If none of those answers below work then do a hard reset (hold the lock and home keys until the screen goes black) then try again.

Go into restrictions in your settings and make sure that deleting apps is turned on. Just fixed this problem that way:)