How to plug my iphone into my car radio?

I just bought a new car (well used, but new to me) and the radio doesn't have a usb port so I can't plug my phone into it to listen to my music. My dad said there is something that goes into the tape slot that I can plug it into. Does anyone know what the thing is or where I can buy one?

There are these things you plug into your cigarette lighter and it plays from your phone through the radio.

The casette player? Damn. Old car! I don't know if there's some adapter for casette to iPhone. But my best guess would the car having a 3.5mm port, and you can get a 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack cord at Office Depot, Best Buy, any electronics store. Plug that into your iPod, the other end into the car, and set the radio to Auxiliary.

Theres usally have a plug you plug the phone into and theres a certian cord you have today it

Wow… My car does not have a cassette player since a few years ago.

I used to use a cassette aux adapter to connect to a CD player. You can use this cassette aux adapter with iPhone. That's a very old fashion way.

There are FM transmitter which does the same thing. I actually like the cassette aux adapter.

Or you can choose to install an aftermarket radio with AUX input. It may only cost you like 100 to install.

Certainly, there are other more advanced aftermarket iPod/iPhone transmitted you can select from. Some of them even uses bluetooth, so it is wireless.

Just google them, you can see plenty of pictures of them.