How to stay awake till 7 am?

Ok so tomorrow I am going on a road trip which is about 10 hours long and I am leaving when my dad gets home from work ( which is at 7pm) we will be arriving at our destination at about 5 am and so I don't want to go to sleep tonight until tomorrow so I can sleep the whole way there. I need to stay awake till 7 am because that's when my dad will get up for work an I can take a shower and eat breakfeast and then go to sleep when I get in the car. Also tips about what to do when your bored in the car might help too. I am riding with my mom sister Nd dad so yea. I already have my iPod, drawing pad, iPhone, blanket, pillow, and snacks anything else? Thanks

Have apples or a cup of coffes

See If your parents have any vitamin D or C pills if so take one orright two of those. They give you alot of energy therefore would make you awake… I take vitamin d all the time to stay up all night

Just keep doing something all the time like playing games on the PC chat to people on your phone chat to people on and eat and drink lots! Just keep finding something to do all the time. If you watch Tv you have a chance if drifting off then! Hope this helps.

Keep to your regular sleeping routine. If you try to stay awake you'll be irritable on the journey and not good company. There is such a thing as being over tired. During the journey you will doze off anyway if you have room to be comfortable

10 hour trip? And your doing all of this preperation? Just watch tv throug the night, at night on tv all programs are repeated with sigh language, thatl keep you laughing for ages, make up little voices to go along with the sighn languagge in your head, 7am will be around in no time!