How to track a stolen IPhone 5? - 1

Can you track a stolen iPhone 5 if you call the phone and someone picked up but stole the phone. The iPhone 5 tracker thing on my phone is off so I can't track it. Is there any other way?

You can track stolen iPhone 5. File a report with the police in the city where the phone was stolen. If your iPhone was issued to you through work, notify your employer of the theft immediately. Don't let the thief gain access to other accounts whose passwords may be saved on your iPhone. Calling your cell phone company (Apple) to report the theft and have the account tied to the phone suspended or canceled will help ensure that you're not stuck paying for charges incurred by the thief. If you've been able to locate your stolen iPhone via a GPS-based tracking app, don't try to recover it yourself.

In order to find it back, you need to have set up Find My iPhone/iPad on your device prior to it getting lost or stolen. If you did, go to in your web browser. When you log in, Find My iPhone/iPad will immediately begin trying to locate your device.
If you have not done that, applying some anti-thief app like ilostfinder is a wise choice.

It will take pictures of the thief when she/he tries to open your device and then send those pictures to your email.
You may get it back or at least prevent the thief next time with the app.

Here are some other tips from experts about protecting your iPhone from theft:
1. Create a well-organized record of all the necessary details and information related to your mobile. Such as IMEI numbers, Pin Code.
2. Grab the phone on your hand when you go on mass transit or walk around.
3. Pocket your phone after sitting around using your phone for a while. And keep mindful of who is around you.
4. Lock your phone using Security Lock Code or PIN feature.
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Hope it helps.

Call the service to track it if you had not installed any tracker app on it.

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