How to transfer my files from my iPhone to my iTunes?

So I got just new laptop since my old one broke and luckily I got stuff backed up to an external hard drive. I had my iPhone backed up numerous times on the iTunes on my old laptop but I don't see any way that I can transfer that to my new laptop. I downloaded iTunes on this new one and I clicked "scan for media" and it missed like 300 songs that were spread out in various folders. I don't want to reorganize everything so how do I get my original library back with no changes to my playlists and number of plays?

I can't help ya much, but here's something to try. Make sure both your computer an iPod are logged into the correct Apple account. Scan again. If that fails open up your iPod in finder/file browser and right click. Look for "reveal hidden files". Folders should appear. You should see random sound files. These are your songs. As a last resort scroll through them, find the ones that you want and insert into iTunes. You will have to reformat them though, so it is a last resort.