How to uninstall ios 7 on iphone 4s?

I hate it so much and it messed my phone up. Can I even uninstall it?

Erase your memory on the phone, i guess.

I don't think apple allows you to go back unless you downloaded iOS 6 again third-party.

Hearing that iOS 7 sucks bu**sh*t, I think I'll just stay with iOS 6 right now.

You cannot revert back to iOS 6.x after you've upgraded to iOS 7.

IOS7 has completely messed up my phone it keeps freezing turning itself off loses information everytime it reboots itself and is completely frustrating any know I can not get rid of the bloody thing

Ios 7 is wack, like g

This Shit, Is Wack Af. This Installation Be Having My @ss Dizzy As F@%#, This Is Some BullShit.

Since downloading iOS7, I HATE MY IPHONE! Can't wait for my contract to expire so I can get rid of this BS!