How to update to IOS 7 beta 6 without wifi connection?

I am currently using iPhone 4s with the operating system iOS 7 beta 5. I want to update my software to the sixth beta version, yet I can't use wi-fi. Is there a way to update my software using GRSP / cellular data network / other way? If so, how do I do it? Thanks!

From what I remember you NEED wifi. Go to Mcdonalds get a damn cheeseburger and a soda and download it there. You cant do it over cellular. Not allowed. It would take 4 years and would make your data bill go to like 1, 000 dollars. Good luck. Not trying to be mean. But go to mcdonalds and eat and download it over wifi. (Make sure to bring power cord)

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FYI, you need to register your device's UDID with a developer account through a site like's $5, and then you don't need to worry about your device getting deactivated for running unreleased software.