I found an iphone 5 can i use it?

I have taken the sime out and threw it away in the middle of now where and then phone is off atm and im going to buy an iphone 5 cable tomorrow and restore it to it orgiginal settings. Or will the police still be bale to find the phone

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So you stole it, congratulations you're now a thief.

Yes you can use it if you put your sim in it, no they won't find you since it's settings were restored.

Yes, there would be a way you could wipe it and make it yours. However, because it is very easy for you to return it to it's rightful owner, the morally obligatory thing to do is to return it.

Think of it like this. If you found $500 on the street, the only thing you could do would be to put up some signs saying "Found! A Sum of cash, call to claim" and if no one claimed it, then it would be yours. But if you found a check for $500 made out to cash, you could cash it, but the address of the owner was right there, written on the note.

The phone can be tracked via the IMEI number. Its an identification number that carriers use, thats how they know what phones are connected. If this person reports their iPhone as lost or stolen, once that phone connects to the cell tower and they see the IMEI number they could either block that phone's IMEI number from their services or they could track it by using 3 cell phone towers around you and it basically pinpoints your location by determining how far from each tower you are. Turning off GPS wont help. Return it to the apple store before you get in real trouble with the cops. Google it, im not lying.

Hope this helped! =)