I keep getting calls from the wrong number all the time?

I live in California, and there's this one lady in Pennsylvania that's been calling me for the last 3 weeks. Its really starting to bug me. I've been telling her that its a wrong number, and I told her mine. I dont understand how she keeps on calling me after so many times ive been telling her. She's not old nor is she young. Its getting me really frustrated because she calls me at 5am (CA) which is 8 am for her (3 hour difference). She keeps on calling me until I answer, so there goes my sleep. Is summer vacation, and I hate it when I get calls at 5 in the morning from someone I dont know. I dont turn my phone off (Iphone) because I need it for the alarm.

She called me at 4 am on Saturday, and I just screamed on the phone, this was what I said " I've been telling for the last 3 weeks that its the wrong number. How hard is it for you to call the right person? " I hanged up after. I just had it with her. Do you think that was rude of me? My mom thought it was. But shes been calling me twice a day for the past 3 weeks, and I was really annoyed with her.

Its been 4 weeks now, and she still calls me, when I answer she hanges up. And when I call again, she doesn't answer.

I dont know what to do, I just my phone in June as a High school graduation gift. I'm really frustrated with this woman. Would you be frustrated too? Or am I just rude?

Added (1). Its not a prank call or anything. I only have my number to my family and close friends (about 10) and they all live in California.

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I get them too, but so does everyone else. What I did do was program the number and programmed a different ring tone (buzzer)so as to not annoy myself because of an obviously, dense person. If the number is private or unknown, just don't answer it, let it roll to voice mail, that's all. Good luck