I recently got caught shoplifting from walmart?

So 4 weeks ago i got caught shoplifting at Walmart. I was stealing an iPhone case and was approached to after I left the store. I'm 18 and the guy let me go without calling the police but he recorded my social security number, license, and address and put me into walmarts system. He also Told me that I was going to receive a 150$ fine from Walmart with 2-4 weeks and if I don't pay this fine within 10 days or something like that a search warrant would be sent out for my arrest. Now it's been exactly 4 weeks and I haven't gotten this letter. I called walmart but the manager who caught me is not there and might be on vacation so i dont know what to do. I can't afford to have a search warrant sent out for my arrest cause that would be the end of me. What should I do?
And I live in New Jersey btw. Thanks

Added (1). And another thing. The guy basically said if I don't give him any of the information he wants he would call the police so yeah that's why I gave my social security number to him and plus I was nervous as hell. And yeah I know it was a stupid mistake. I posted on here for help not to get reprimanded. Thanks

So pay the damn fine and be grateful he didn't do what I would have done which is hand you straight over to the police. Lesson learned, I hope.

The store manager was just trying to scare off with the police search warrent thing. But ur still kicked off the store. Just dont return, and its ur fault for being making the stupid decision to steal just a case for an iphone? Seriously, was that really worth it? Im sure it dosent even cost half of the iphone itself. Lessin learned i guess for you.

Two stupid things you did

First one is theft obviously, don't do it man, don't start your life being a theif and a loser.

And the other thing… You just handed over your social security number to a random walmart employee. That is a stupid move. Don't just give your ss number to anyone like that.

OUCH. Maybe call them again. See if the guy actually put you into Walmart's system. Maybe he never got around to it or just wanted to scare you out of doing it again. Just be persistent and do your best to get what you are asking of them. I'm sure they would want to help you in this situation.

I've never heard of such a thing.

This sounds like some sort of scare tactic that King WalMart may be pulling.

It's called Blackmail.


Iphones are locked up and both Apple and Walmart are corrupt

They dont issue a search warrant for an arrest… They issue an arrest warrant… A search warrant is only issued when they want to search your home/property.

Walmarts attorneys will get around to sending you the fine sometime it can take 6 weeks for their legal department to send out the letter, its called a civil demand letter, if you fail to pay the fine then they can either sue you in civil court for the $150 in damages or file a criminal complaint for shoplifting.

You are not required to do anything until you receive the letter…

Also note that Walmart doesnt always send a civil demand letter. In some cases depending on the store security/loss prevention officer they can just opt to put you in the system as a known shoplifter without sending you a fine.

F walmart