International SIM card for iPhone 4s?

I am studying abroad in Rome, Italy for 4 months. I need to have an Italian SIM card for my iPhone, but do not know how to go about doing this?

I do not need it to have any data because I just plan to use free wifi whenever I can find it.

I will use the phone for calling home once and a while, and then to communicate with my friends (very minimally) who will be with me in Rome.

Is there a good place (with a good plan) that I can purchase a SIM card. Or should I wait until I get to Italy to find a place to purchase one.

Thanks for the help!

I don't know about Italy, but in Africa, all you need is a phone and you could buy sim card on the streets or electronic stores, and each country is different depending on the telephone company working there. So you may have to buy a different one for each country.

Get a SIM after you arrive. There are phone stores roughly every block from one end of Europe to the other, and the deals are constantly changing.

Your iPhone is unlocked, I hope. If not, only your original SIM will work, at their US roaming rates.

I think it would just be cheaper if you bought a prepaid rome cell phone. If you have At&t, chances are your 4s is locked and you can only use the AT&T sim. If you do, then AT&T's international rates apply and its going to be kind of expensive. Getting the prepaid cell phone or some plan in rome is cheaper. I dont advise using iPhone, unless you or your parents really want to pay those international voice and data rates. Verizon and Sprint not that much different.