IPhone 4 video recording does not have sound?

-Audio of video recordings don't work
-iPhone speakers work fine
-I can play YouTube or uploaded videos fine with sound coming out
-Voice Recordings are fine
-I reset my phone back to factory settings and it still does not work
-Headphone jack is fine
-Nothing covers the small mic opening at the top
-All sound settings have volume all the way up

I'm sure the obvious answer is to send it to the Apple store for a fix up but are there any other alternatives or solutions I can do before I make that final decision?

IF your talking about when your recording an theres no sound, then there never was sound when your recording.

You're an IDIOT @Kailee. I think I would know if there was sound during the recording. I wasn't making a silent movie.

I have the same problem after recording a long "recording" other small recordings work fine, but when it comes to long recordings then it wont let me listen to them. Any probelem solving suggesters?