IPhone 4s Wifi greyed out bluetooth not working after screen repair!

Just replaced the LCD/digitizer on my iPhone 4s. Almost everything works, but the option for wifi in the settings menu is now greyed out, and when I click on bluetooth, there is just a spinning circle like its searching (but its not). I must have missed a step or plugged in the wrong cable or something… What could it be?

This iPhone is unlocked for T-Mobile w/o a warranty so I can't simply talk to Apple
If you need any pictures or more info please let me know!


It could be that when the phone gets parts added away or taken away the phone can't respond the same way. I would take it to Apple and remove the SIM Card (while your there). If you have unlocked it or jailbroken it, they are less likely to help you. So take out the SIM Card. Tell them that it just randomly stop working. If you tell them you fixed something or had something fixed, they won't help you. Hope all goes well.