IPhone 5 went through washing machine!

So, I was doing some washing and my boyfriends iphone 5 was in his pocket and it went through the washer at 40 degrees. We put it in some rice and placed in the airing cupboard for a few days but its still not working. He doesn't have insurance and Vodafone won't cover water damage. BUT! We checked on the apple website and it said the moisture indicator where the SIM card is should turn red (it's normally white/silver) and it is still white/silver and there are no signs of corrosion (around the jack, charger input, etc.) which apple said would show if there's water damage. Should we just take it to a Vodafone or apple shop to ask them to replace it? Will they know there's water damage even though we can't see any?


These people are expert of course they'll.notice

Even if the carrier he is on doesnt have coverage for water damage, apple does for a whole year. Take it to Apple and they should tell you what to do.

Apple will not fix or repair a water damaged iphone.
also the rice trick doesnt work on idevices.
there is a water sensor in the headphone jack and one in the charging port.