Is it possible to fix an iphone 4s which have been submerged into water?

I dropped my Iphone 4s into the toilet bowl recently. I did quickly fished it out in less than 5 seconds but i tried to test and use it for a while and a few minutes later it shut down on its own. The next morning i send it for repair. It has been 4 days since i send it for repair. Is it possible to save it? Im really worried, if you send it for water repair does it usually take so long?

Just to ease your mind, contact the repair shop and ask about the status of the repair. Don't "needle" them, just ask and give them time. They realize you need the phone back ASAP, but you need to realize that yours is not the only phone in for repair.

In your case, you've done damage to the phone and at the minimum it needs to be completely dried out. It may not be repairable, but it has to be dried out completely for them to know what's next in the process.

If you really don't want to pay any money, remove the 2 screws on the bottom of your phone, this will allow the back glass to slide off. Put the phone into a bag of rice for 24-48 hours. Put the glass back on and put the screws back in. If your phone still does not work, bring it to an apple store, or sell it on ebay as "For Parts, Not Working". Hope this helps. :)