Is the Lifeproof iphone 4s case worth it?

I've looked at alot of reviews on this case, and really they are all over the board. Some say that it works amazingly, and some say its the worst case they have ever used. I want my phone to be protected from sand, (since i live near the beach), and be able to handle falls. The waterproof feature seems like just a bonus. Is the camera good?

Basically is this a practical phone case for daily life?

In line buying one as I speak, great case I've had it before go to and read some stories their cool, I got the clip too. Haha

Lifeproof case is great, or you may find other kinds of iphone cases with different styles & design at the

I think lifeproof case is just priced too high
i prefer metal case that is cool and protective
like this