My guinea pigs one eye is swollen, red, and is starting to close up Help!

I have had a female girl guinea pig for about a week, she is always happy and popcorning when I let her out for playtime, she eats and drinks fine but starting 2 days ago I noticed one of her eyes is pink around the eyelid, and is closing. Usually her eyes look like they are about to burst out of her head cause she has big brown eyes but idk what to do with her pinkish eye. Can she die from this? She sneezes alot and I use care fresh bedding so that can't be the issue but I'm wondering if this is something that can kill her:( I have a picture of the one eye and idk how to upload it from my iPhone cause its in my picture gallery. Please help and no rude comments. I need the answer from a person who owns guinea pigs and may have dealt with this before

Oh for f**ks sake.

I expect you would get better answers in the pet section.